Living a More Fulfilling Life

How to Clear the Path to Getting What You Really Want

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You may be like the nine out of ten people who, when asked what they want from life, are likely to give a vague answer such as “I just want to be happy,” or "I want to live a rich and exciting life." But what does that specifically mean to you? What would that include and what would that look like?

All of us are quick to identify what we don't want but find it harder to pin down what we do. Nine out of ten people, when asked what they want, are likely to give vague answers such as, "I want more money," " I want a different job,” “I want to get out of a bad relationship," or "I want to live somewhere else."  While these are all worthwhile objectives, they are not specific enough: how much money? What kind of career or job? What kind of relationship would you like to be in or out of? Where do you want to live? Do you want to go back to school, take a year's sabbatical, or travel around the world? Do you secretly long to be an artist, a teacher, a drummer in a rock band or an executive chef? Or, are you simply soldiering on in everyday living, vaguely wanting something different but unable to put your finger on exactly what it is you long for?

This is a foundational course that will help you answer all these questions, and can serve as a preliminary exercise for my other courses that involve life changes. It is based on a comprehensive questionnaire that examines every aspect of your life. It is intended to help you sort out what is and is not important, and create a personal vision statement that can serve as a roadmap to ultimately getting what you want in life.
Intended Audience: women, middle age women, middle age men, midlife crisis, Generation X, Baby Boomers, Retirees, women over 40, single women, single men

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Course
What Would a More Fulfilling Life Look Like?
Are You Clear About What You Want?
The Big Picture
The Master Questionnaire
The Foundations of a Vision Statement
The Final Exercise - Creating Your Own Vision Statement

Judith Albright


Both a teacher and a lifelong learner, my formal education includes a BFA from the University of Denver, and an MA from the University of Colorado at Boulder. My work experience includes both teaching various college level courses and a long career in Corporate America. I am a counselor, professional writer, artist and an educator, and over the years I have used my skills in a variety of ways to help people from all walks of life.

Years ago I discovered that the secret to success (for anything) lies in the power of the mind, and if we are genuinely going to make lasting changes, it has to happen at the subconscious level, literally from the inside out. A desire to explore that concept in greater depth led me to make a career change and pursue advanced training for the energy healing techniques I use today. These include EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) PSYCH--K and The Emotion Code.

For the past 14 years I have been a life change facilitator and stress management specialist with a private practice in Ft. Collins, CO. My focus has always been on helping others release trapped emotions, resolve emotional issues, change negative behavior patterns, and reverse false beliefs that are limiting and sabotaging their lives. The goal of my courses is to extend that help to a greater number of people, and to help each and everyone who takes them live happier lives, free from mental blocks and beliefs that prevent them from achieving their full potential.